Breastfeeding Classes & Support Groups

Congratulations on beginning the incredible journey of motherhood! Here at Uplifting Women’s Wellness, we understand the significance of having a caring and informed community by your side during this life-changing period. Our specialized breastfeeding classes are designed to provide you with the necessary tools, self-assurance, and valuable knowledge to ensure a fulfilling and successful breastfeeding journey.

Enter the world of motherhood, where a special bond is formed between a mother and her newborn. Our breastfeeding classes go beyond just providing information; they offer a comprehensive approach to equipping new mothers for the life changing breastfeeding experience. Come and discover the diverse aspects of our breastfeeding classes and realize the significance of being fully prepared for this crucial aspect of early parenthood.

Breastfeeding Classes

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our classes cover a comprehensive range of breastfeeding topics, including:

  • Breast Anatomy and Physiology: Understand the mechanics of breastfeeding for a successful latch
  • Latching Techniques: Learn proper techniques for a comfortable and effective latch
  • Common Challenges and Solutions: Gain insights into common breastfeeding challenges and strategies to overcome them
  • Nutrition and Breastfeeding: Explore the relationship between your diet and your baby’s nourishment
  • Pumping and Storage: Learn effective pumping techniques and safe storage practices

Why Choose Uplifting Women's Wellness?

  • Expert Lactation Consultants, midwives, and support team: Our classes are led by experienced lactation experts, ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information
  • Supportive Community: Our classes and support groups held frequently provide a supportive environment for sharing experiences, asking questions, and building lasting connections
  • Comfortable Learning Environment: Our classes are conducted in a comfortable and welcoming space, fostering an atmosphere of openness and learning
  • Individualized Attention: We prioritize individualized attention and encourage questions and discussions to address your specific needs and concerns

Interested in Attending a Breastfeeding Class?

Interested in Attending a Breastfeeding Support Group (held every Monday & Thursday 10-12pm for anyone in the community support at no cost)?

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