Uplifting Women's Wellness

High Quality Care for Preconception, Pregnancy, and Beyond

A Place Where Women Can Truly Be Supported

Mission of Uplifting Women's Wellness

The mission of Uplifting Women’s Wellness is to provide comprehensive and personalized care to women throughout their lifespan, with a particular focus on reproductive health, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. Midwives, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, doulas, lactation consultants, and other alternative practitioners play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of women by offering a range of services that encompass physical, emotional, and educational support.

Uplifting Women's Wellness
Uplifting Women's Wellness

At Uplifting Women’s Wellness, our mission to offer holistic, woman-centered care that respects and honors the physiological processes of women’s bodies. By focusing on individual needs, promoting wellness, and empowering women, our team continuously support women to improve their overall health outcomes and experiences.

Uplifting women’s Wellness has a team of amazing team of practitioners serving women in our community from teenage education to postmenopausal concerns.  Midwives are known for supporting mothers and babies during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, but that is just one aspect of our amazing services. We are independent care providers of women for all aspects of their healthcare needs.

Uplifting Women's Wellness

Some of the more common health services Uplifting Women's Wellness can provide

Services & Support

Birthing Services & Support for Every Part of Your Journey

Childbirth Education Classes

We have classes for birth center orientation, birth preparation, breastfeeding, parenting, newborn care, & more.

Full Scope Midwifery Care

Our team of midwives can take care of you during pregnancy, birth postpartum, & all your women's health care needs.

Doula Services for Every Stage

Doulas provide a pivotal role in physical, emotional & informational support to mothers before, during, and after birth.

Breastfeeding Advocacy & Support

We have lactation consultants available, classes, & support groups available to help at every stage of breastfeeding.

Private Birthing Suites

Experience the comfort of homelike birth suites at Farmington Birth Center

Birth centers are universally committed to family-centered care. In birth centers, the childbearing woman’s right to be the decision-maker about the circumstances of her birth is fully respected. For example, at birth centers, women are encouraged to eat if they are hungry, move about and spend time in a tub as they wish, and push in whatever positions they find most comfortable. Birth centers recognize that the mother knows what her body needs to give birth. The midwives and staff attend to her needs while keeping a close eye on the mother and baby during the labor and birth process.

The perfect location for women to get the support they deserve

Email: info@upliftingwomenswellness.com

Address: 36650 Grand River Ave, Ste 101, Farmington, Michigan 48335

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